Step by Step Mosquitto install on Windows

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Atom disappears from screen even though its running on Windows


I had an odd issue recently. I was editing some code in Atom and ended up closing my laptop and setting up somewhere else. When I opened my laptop I could see Atom running but when I clicked on the app it would not show it. I tried alt-tab etc and still no luck. I tried restarting and the same issue. I tried to uninstall and reinstalling and the same issue.  What ended up working was this:

Open the Windows Task Manager.
Select Atom and click on it which will expand it to show a subprocess. Right Click on the sub-process, and then select Maximize.

Now I can see the editor 🙂

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More info on Mubai Attacks

Evidence of Terror Group Chief’s Part in Mumbai Attack ‘Available in Pakistan’

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Numba — Great tool for speeding up Python

I’ve been doing a lot of machine learning proof of concepts with Python and occasionally it’s pretty clear Python won’t perform. One way to potential increase performance is Cython but one very cool thing about Numba is that you can use it not just to compile down to C or leverage it’s JIT but make it use multiple processors, auto generate parallel processing code, or compile it for GPUs. For me this is a lot better and a heck of alot easier than using Thank or TensorFlow (although they are great too and have their place.) Anyways Numba is super easy because it uses simple decorators to allow you to select how you increase performance. Checkout it out.

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Meditations by Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius

A timely classic 🙂 Project Gutenberg has The Meditations in multiple formats including Kindle and epub

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Using drones to support tankers

Maersk Tankers – Flown out by drone

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Rule would make it easier for Govt to hack in US

Rule 41 would make it easier for the government to carry out hacks

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