This is some interesting research and relevant to some of my research: 

Secure wireless communications is a challenging problem due to the shared nature of the wireless medium. Most existing security protocols apply cryptographic techniques for bit scrambling at the application layer by exploiting a shared secret key between pairs of communicating nodes. However, more recent research argues that multipath propagation – a salient feature of wireless channels – provides a physical resource for secure communications. In this context, we propose a protocol that exploits the inherent randomness in multipath wireless channels for generating secret keys through channel estimation and quantization. Our approach is particularly attractive in wideband channels which exhibit a large number of statistically independent degrees of freedom (DoF), thereby enabling the generation of large, more-secure, keys. We show that the resulting keys are distinct for distinct pairwise links with a probability that increases exponentially with the key-size/channel DoF. We also characterize the probability that the two users sharing a common link generate the same key. This characterization is used to analyze the energy consumption in successful acquisition of a secret key by the two users. For a given key size, our results show that there is an optimum transmit power, and an optimum quantization strategy, that minimizes the energy consumption. The proposed approach to secret key generation through channel quantization also obviates the problem of key pre-distribution inherent to many existing cryptographic approaches.


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