Overview of tracing-framework by Google

The Web Tracing Framework is a collection of libraries, tools, and scripts aimed at web developers trying to write large, performance-sensitive Javascript applications. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with the built-in development tools of browsers but goes far beyond what they usually support at the cost of some user setup time.

The development tools in modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox are pretty amazing. They’ve got great sampling profilers, live editing, debugging, and are constantly adding more features. Most developers can make (and have been making) the web an engaging place with them. But just as skilled native platform developers often run past the features in Visual Studio or Xcode and augment their work-flow with VTune, Telemetry, and other tools web developers are starting to need the same. Enter the Web Tracing Framework.

This seems like a really fantastic project!

via Overview of tracing-framework by Google.

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