I like Big Phones and I cannot lie

So I just got a new cell phone. A Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s a pretty nice phone but one of my first complaints about it is.. its actually too thin for me! My old phone was thicker and easier for me to hold on to but I ended up buying a super protective case for my only Galaxy S2 and while it made it about twice as thick it made it extremely comfortable for me to hold. I am now looking at cases or even these extended battery packs to make my new phone bigger. I find I like the heft and larger sized devices and am now even considering something like a Phablet; for example the Samsung Mega. My friend Daniel has one but in his large hands it seems very normal sized. So this got me thinking.. am I abnormal liking a larger and thicker phone or are their real human factors that suggest that smaller thinner devices are not as easy to use? Or is it just a function of hand size and taste?

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