NASA developing Star Trek-like warp drive for future space travel

I find this very exciting. One of the reasons I stopped working in Aerospace, for NASA, is I felt that the US had given up on psuh the boundaries on space flight and space travel. I still am fairly pessimistic towards NASA and find that most of the exciting space developments are happening in private industry but I hope people like Dr White prove me wrong!  


Dr Harold White, a physicist at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre, is conducting research to create a warp in space and time.

These so called “warp bubbles” could eventually allow spacecraft to at speeds that appear to exceed the speed of light, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Essentially the warp creates a fold in the fabric of space and time that allows an object inside to travel a much greater distance in a shorter time.

This would allow a spacecraft to overcome one of the central laws in physics – that nothing can exceed the speed of light.

However, Dr White claims warp bubbles are theoretically possible and has now begun work to create warp bubbles for the first time in the laboratory.

Warp drives were an essential part of the Star Ship Enterprise in the long-running science fiction series Star Trek, allowing the crew to between the distant worlds they were exploring.

Dr White presented an update on his work at the Icarus Interstellar Congress, where scientists gathered to discuss ways of travelling between the stars.

via NASA developing Star Trek-like warp drive for future space travel | TODAYonline.


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