In New Study, Entrepreneurs See the Glass Nearly Empty –

Coming back to the thesis that American Entrepreneurs tend to be hypomaniacs then this all makes sense. Then again it just be culture. From my limited perspective a lot of innovation in the US is driven by those people who tend to always see problems that need to be fixed. Call us unreasonable and negative but if you look at innovation throughout history its often been the unreasonable people who have driven it.

The study’s analysis, though, does not clearly identify the dichotomy. Nor does it attempt to explain it. Could American entrepreneurs simply be taking the opportunity to whine a bit? Or are they high-minded perfectionists? Mr. Andersen, for his part, thinks they are the latter. “If you look at the data, you wonder why are people so upset,” he said. “It’s not about being better than that other country, it’s how much better we can be. That’s part of being a leader. I think there’s a fundamental recognition that it’s never going to be good enough. We have to keep pushing.

“I don’t think they’re spoiled,” he continued. “It’s just part of the DNA of never being satisfied.”

via In New Study, Entrepreneurs See the Glass Nearly Empty –

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