Amazon Prime Was Too Good to Be True After All?

From Wired

“The price of “free” two-day shipping is about to go up. That was the message from Amazon executives last week, who said that shipping costs would probably force them to raise the price of the company’s popular Amazon Prime program. Now $79 per year, the cost could go up $20 to $40 more.

Judging from Amazon’s balance sheet — and Wall Street’s negative reaction to those balances after its most recent earnings report — the company really has no choice. The irony is that Amazon Prime has worked out just like Amazon wanted it to.”

If it increase to 99 a year its still a incredible savings for people who buy a lot from Amazon. For me it really great because I use Amazon for streaming videos and Amazon Prime has a great number of free movies and shows for Prime owners. Furthermore Amazon offers Prime users access to free Kindle books, books you can borrow, and the like. Finally I use Kindle’s KidTime for my son and with Prime you get lower costs on the subscription. All of that for 99 dollars a year and its still a steal. 

Amazon Prime Was Too Good to Be True After All | Wired Business |



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