The Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram is show casing the simplicity and power of the Wolfram Language. It will be very familiar to anyone who has used Mathematica. For me, what instantly stood out, is how the Wollfram Language easily performs many of the tasks and functions that are so useful for those performing what people are calling “data science.” While data science is a awful term a lot of what people do with large datasets before implementing a “big data” solution on something like Accumulo is play with small subsets of the data using R or Python, iPython, and tools like SciKit to more easily get a sense of the data and what can be learned from it. After one has played with data for awhile and run many little experiments that its a lot easier to write your mappers and reducers, or what not, and implement your solutions on something like Accumlo. So after watching this video I can totally see myself abandoning R assuming that the Wolfram Language makes importing and working with Data as easy as R.

Starting to Demo the Wolfram Language—Wolfram|Alpha Blog.


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