Police in Canada Are Tracking People’s ‘Negative’ Behavior In a ‘Risk’ Database – VICE

This is rather worrisome. Putting aside the fact that most law enforcement agencies do not secure things like databases well there are other major issues here. One simple one is how often law enforcement officers and civilian employees misuse access to databases such as license plate databases, credit databases,mailing address databases etc there is a lot if likelyhood of misuse. Furthermore since the database described contains information on mental health, various personal incidents and issues, as well as healthcare information it’s a treasure trove of blackmail information. That being said none of this is the largest risk.

The biggest risk with databases like this are the likelyhood, without extremely strong controls which all seem to be lacking here, that said data will be used for political reasons. I dont mean specifically targetting a political party but rather the enablement of oppression or prosecution of individuals by those in power to drive political agendas. For example performing “opposition research.” In recent years in the US we have had government civilian employees accessing restricted More worrisome of course is databases of Presidential candidates and leaking details. Another potential issue is the use of said data to goafter individuals who have fringe or radical view points even if they are harmless; like we have seen in some countries. The worst, although highly unlikely, is databases like this used to make decisions on if people should have access to services alla China’s social credit system. Regardless these sorts of systems, the US has some bad ones as well, represent major security and privacy issues and setting aside if they actually serve a useful purpose they are very hard to manage well and not be misused.


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