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BKB Somerville | The Collaborative Workspace

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Startup anti-pattern: platform risk

Interesting post on risks of choosing and focusing your startup on a specific platform. Startup anti-pattern: platform risk. via Startup anti-pattern: platform risk.

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In New Study, Entrepreneurs See the Glass Nearly Empty –

Coming back to the thesis that American Entrepreneurs tend to be hypomaniacs then this all makes sense. Then again it just be culture. From my limited perspective a lot of innovation in the US is driven by those people who … Continue reading

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Depression and the Entrepreneur

It is amazing how many people make statements to me like “oh it must be great having your own company”, “I really want to make my own career like you so I can have less stress I my life”, or … Continue reading

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Open Medical Hardware

How very interesting.  This is a space ive been watching and excited about especially in relationship to additive manufacturing.  Its going to be very interesting if lots of common medical supplies become super cheap. “Open Medical Hardware: The Open Stent” … Continue reading

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Business plans and investors

I think this is pretty much true “Get Investors to First Invest Time After giving investors an overview of your company, your next goal is to secure a meeting. Realize that investors have two scarce resources: their time and their … Continue reading

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