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Most scientific studies are probablly wrong

Interesting reading. Its amazing how bad ao many scientific studies are. This article suggests part of the reason is there is little negative consequences if authours publish poor studies but if they sont publish they will likely loose influence, money, … Continue reading

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Startup anti-pattern: platform risk

Interesting post on risks of choosing and focusing your startup on a specific platform. Startup anti-pattern: platform risk. via Startup anti-pattern: platform risk.

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Depression and the Entrepreneur

It is amazing how many people make statements to me like “oh it must be great having your own company”, “I really want to make my own career like you so I can have less stress I my life”, or … Continue reading

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I like Big Phones and I cannot lie

So I just got a new cell phone. A Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s a pretty nice phone but one of my first complaints about it is.. its actually too thin for me! My old phone was thicker and easier for … Continue reading

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Bono on Africa and Capitalism

“Aid is just a stopgap,” he said. “Commerce [and] entrepreneurial capitalism take more people out of poverty than aid. We need Africa to become an economic powerhouse.” Africa has a long way to go but a strong wealthy Africa would … Continue reading

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What Shane Said… | The world is broken, how about we fix it?!

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The cost of small business travel

“The Surprisingly High Cost of Small-Business Travel (Infographic)”

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Road to riches

I liked this The real road to riches can instead found through earning income rather than investing in assets. By this, I mean earning through excelling at your workplace or, more likely, starting a business of your own (like Cohen did). … Continue reading

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