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Conda gives error when doing “source activate” in cmder

So I used Cmder, the rather awesome command lined emulator, instead of cmd.exe or powershell when doing command line development work. I also like powershell a lot but feel much more comfortable with Cmder which has the benefit of support … Continue reading

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Atom disappears from screen even though its running on Windows

  I had an odd issue recently. I was editing some code in Atom and ended up closing my laptop and setting up somewhere else. When I opened my laptop I could see Atom running but when I clicked on … Continue reading

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Good article on UDP vs TCP

I am currently working on a project that involves satellite based radios and digital data exchange. During a test of the project the system started having all sorts of problems that the main contractor and customer could not figure out. … Continue reading

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Enabling Developer Options in Android 4.2 and Up

Recently I was working on a project where I needed to build and push an .apk to a brand new Samsung Note 3 running Android 4.3. I was confused though in that while I am pretty experienced developing on Android … Continue reading

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Using lego mindstorm to automate scanning

Pretty amusing use of avilable items though I would not call it a hack “How a Man in Austria Used Legos to Hack Amazon’s Kindle E-Book Security”

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In New Study, Entrepreneurs See the Glass Nearly Empty –

Coming back to the thesis that American Entrepreneurs tend to be hypomaniacs then this all makes sense. Then again it just be culture. From my limited perspective a lot of innovation in the US is driven by those people who … Continue reading

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